I feel it is important for me to tell a story through my paintings. Life offers us both wonderful and horrible experiences that can fuel our inspiration and imagination. My paintings convey the light and the dark sides of many social issues and existential themes; I leave nothing unsaid.  
The stories I weave are created with a language I have created symbols and elements that are interconnected with each other. Reality and the subconscious are my raw material sources. The world and our experiences bombard us with images every moment of the day and night and what reality does not offer you while awake, the subconscious does while you are asleep. There are inexhaustible sources of images to draw from, some of which go without meaning or intention from one side to the other, but are accessible at all times; it only takes a certain mental process of openness to reach them. 
Ultimately, my goal is for the observer to interact with the painting and to invite thought, interpretation and a dialectic between us.  

CFA New York Academy of Art

School of Visual Arts

Silvermine Guild

Greenwich Art Society

Studied and apprenticed with Steve Smulka for 3 years 
Maintains a studio at the Loft Artists Building, Stamford, CT